5 Unconventional Uses for Baby Wipes

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I won’t sugar coat it - I’m such a sucker for products that I can use in multiple ways so I don’t have to have a million different types of products lying around the house. Plus, who has time to restock when you can buy one thing in bulk!? Here’s my list of unconventional uses for baby wipes, the oh so handy sidekick to life. 


1. A Mini Shower

If you are somewhere where bathing isn’t an option, like camping, baby wipes are your best friend. They are great for keeping your hands feeling moisturized and clean after playing in the sand all day or hiking. Not to mention, they are perfect for masking that not so subtle smell that might be coming from your pits. Trust me, baby wipes need to be your go-to.

Even if you’re around a shower, try putting baby wipes in the fridge. They feel so refreshing after a hot day in the sun to wipe off the back of your neck. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. You’re welcome. 


 2. Shoe Cleaning


I know this one is unique but it actually works. Baby wipes are super strong because they have to clean up some pretty big messes so they hardly ever tear when you use them to scrub your sneakers. Plus the moisturizing properties in them are great for lifting off any spots and on your white sneakers and shining them. 


3. Cleaning Your Car


Baby wipes give the best facelift to your car interior. Plus they smell so good. Mmmm. I always keep them in my glove compartment in case there are any spills on my leather seats and to dust off any unwelcome settlement. 


4. Put an End to Fur Bunnies

If you have a cat or dog that is constantly shedding, use baby wipes to catch the fur before it falls off. The moisturizer in it attracts loose fur and it leaves your furry friend smelling fresh.


5. Removing Hair Dye

Let’s face it, COVID has changed all our routines. Even if hairdressers are open, I definitely don’t have the time to go to one when I’ve mastered my at home dye job. Okay, mastered might be strong wording. Sometimes there might be some dye that gets onto my forehead, ears, and neck. BUT if I catch it right away with a little help from baby wipes then it’s all groovy. 

These are just a few of the ways I have found but I’m sure there are a million other ways. If you have any other, let me know. I’m always looking for new tips and tricks. 

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