Antibacterial Hand Wash - The Need of the Hour?

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Washing hands is one of the easiest ways to protect oneself from viral and bacterial diseases. There is a reinforced importance of this simple hygienic practice since the Covid-19 outbreak hit the world, with the sales of antibacterial hand wash soaps skyrocketing. When a sick individual coughs, sneezes or talks within close proximity to you, they can spread viruses and bacteria. Moreover, if you touch your face after touching surfaces infected by germs, you can get sick. UNICEF data states that around 25% of childhood deaths – approximately 1.4 million – below five years of age globally are caused by diarrhea and pneumonia. Experts say that simple hand washing with soap can bring down the death rates from these diseases up to 65%. Moreover, the simple habit could help economies around the world save billions of dollars in working days that are otherwise lost to cold, flu and stomach issues.

Healthcare is one sector where hand washing is an absolutely crucial, and even life-saving part of the job. The spread of bacterial infections can be life-threatening in hospitals and clinics wherein a large number of patients are treated by a few doctors. Doctors say that busy healthcare professionals must wash or clean their hands before and after touching each patient. In many cases, this can total up to 100 times in a 12-hour shift.

When you look at your hands under black light, you will be terrified to see how much bacteria and germs there are on your hands. A collage of such pictures shared by actress Kristen Bell on her Instagram account went viral and sparked massive debates about the necessity of washing hands. While most people know why frequent hand washing is imperative, many don’t know how to do it right. Yes, it does sound strange but people aren’t mindful while doing a simple thing like washing their hands. Let’s find out how you should use an antibacterial hand wash.

  • Rinse your hands with ample clean water and pour some liquid hand wash on them. 
  • Rub your palms to form a rich lather and cover all parts of your hands in it.
  • Now rub the back of both your hands and clean in between your fingers thoroughly.
  • Rub the back of your fingers against the palm of another hand and interlock your fingers.
  • Next, enclose the thumb of one hand with the other hand, and rub the hand around the thumb. Do this with the other thumb.
  • Rub the tips of the fingers of each hand against the palm of the other hand.
  • Clean the part under the nails of one hand with the nails of another hand.
  • Make sure you wash your hands for a total of at least 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the hands thoroughly with clean water.
  • Dry them with a towel. Remember that air drying your hands can assimilate germs on the hands so it’s best to avoid air dryers.

At times, you might get cracks in the skin on your hands or develop dry/ chapped hands. This can be the result of over washing your hands or using bad quality hand wash. The range of Papilion® Liquid Hand Soaps - Dermatologically Tested Paraben Free - are made with natural moisturizer and essential oils, which ensure a no-dry hand wash experience and leave your skin silky soft. To buy these paraben-free antibacterial hand wash soaps, click here.

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