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Have you ever been in a situation wherein baby wet wipes really helped you out? A lot of people have, including those who don’t have a baby. Other than cleaning up your adorable little toddlers, wet baby wipes have a lot of uses and benefits, some of which are not known by many people. Yes, adults can also use these small papers of goodness. It could come in handy to know the many secret uses of this incredible tool. Let’s find out what these are.

Quick Makeup Remover - When you’re too tired to wash off your makeup after a long, tiring day, wet wipes can just be the thing you need. In fact, Papilion’s Makeup Remover Exfoliating Wipes are made specially for this purpose.

Quick Skin Cooler - Have you ever kept baby wipes in your fridge to get cold and put them on your skin on a hot day? Try it and thank us later. You will find yourself carrying a box on every picnic, BBQ, camping trip or just about any outing on a hot day. Papilion’s Aloe-vera Wet wipes are perfect for cooling down and freshening up.

Quick First Aid - If you’ve gotten a cut, scrapes or even sunburn, you can tend to your skin by wiping it first with a baby wipe.

Quick Shoe Shiner - When you need to leave home quickly and don’t have the time to polish the shoes, clean them up with baby wipes. They are free from foul chemicals so they don’t damage the leather. The same goes for your purse and leather couch.

Quick Car Cleaner - No one likes bird poop on their car windows. Keep a box of wet wipes in your glove compartment. You can also use these to clean the dashboard.

Quick Stain Remover - When you spill something, you can simply use wet wipes to clean the stain instead of fetching water and a cloth. You can also do this with your carpet by adding a little washing liquid to the wipe. Moreover, you can use wet wipes to clean up your keyboards and get rid of the dust, grease and food particles trapped in between the keys.

Quick Plane Disinfectant - To stay safe when you get in a plane full of germs, clean the surfaces around your seat with wet wipes.

Quick Pan Cleaner - If you’ve ever been annoyed by the stubborn chicken crumbs that stick to the frying pan, you should try degreasing the pan with baby wipes. This will allow you to easily wash up since the wipes will absorb and remove the grease from the pan surface.

Quick Pet Paw Cleaner - You know how pets are similar to babies? When your dog or cat gets back in the house from outside, you don’t want them to carry the dirt inside the house but you don’t want the dirt on your towels either, you know what to do now.

Now that you know how useful baby wet wipes can be, make sure to keep a box  in your car, keep one at home and carry one while traveling. Check out Papilion’s range of baby wet wipes here.

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