How Pregnancy can Affect your Skin and the Harmful Ingredients to Avoid

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Did you know that your pregnancy can affect the makeup of your skin? My sister was blessed with relatively clear skin her whole life until she got pregnant. Towards the end of her pregnancy, she broke out like a prepubescent kid that liked chocolate cake more than life itself and was constantly looking for a way to improve her skincare routine. Her story isn’t unique either - due to a hormone surge, many pregnant women have more acne than when they are not pregnant. It’s not just acne either, you name it, and a pregnant woman has experienced it. However, there are several different tips and tricks that will help you navigate your new skin makeup.


Here are 3 tips to protect your skin during pregnancy:


1. Don’t over-wash your skin


Many women experience dry, red skin while they are pregnant. Over washing your hands or taking too many showers can affect your moisture levels. Make sure you’re purchasing natural products with high moisture content. Papillon’s hand washes and shower gels are a great choice!


2. Avoid these ingredients in skincare products


There is a long list of ingredients to avoid, but the main ones are:




Paraben is used to preserve cosmetics and is super bad for everyone, especially pregnant women. Parabens can affect the development and weight gain of your baby while you are pregnant. 


Topical retinoid


Retinoid is used to prevent wrinkles and is derived from Vitamin A. However, it can cause skin irritations, so people with sensitive skin should avoid it. A few case studies have shown that women in their first trimester used products with retinoids, and their children developed malformities. Even though there aren’t too many cases, there isn’t enough evidence to show how safe retinoid is. Just don’t use it. 




Phthalates are a solvent used in cosmetics and a group of chemicals that make up plastic used in just about everything. Women exposed to high doses of phthalates before conception are more likely to give birth to a child that has problems with their motor skills. Phthalates are also harmful to non-pregnant women as high exposure can cause problems to the liver and kidneys. All around, an ingredient you should try to limit as much as possible. 


3. Don’t use makeup wipes as your only skin care product


Let’s face it - with the exhaustion that comes with pregnancy, makeup wipes are a god sent. They are great if you don’t have the energy to wash your face. With that said, you should not be using makeup wipes as your primary face cleanser. Unfortunately, they aren’t effective at cleaning the oils that sit on your face, and they can create clogs in your pores which might make you break out in acne. Don’t get me wrong - I love makeup wipes. They are super convenient and can be used on-the-go while traveling or after a long night when you don’t feel like going through an entire skincare routine. However, it would be best if you used them knowing how they might affect your volatile pregnancy skin. We suggest using a patch test. Also, make sure they don’t contain the above ingredients. Papillon makeup wipes hit all the right marks.


All in all, pregnancy has many uncomfortable phases, but you can take steps to ensure your skin is cared for. Try out these simple steps to be on your way to a healthier, glowing you.

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