Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tips, Tricks and More!

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As flowers and trees bloom with freshness during the Spring, it is also a chance for us to give that freshness to our homes. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to get rid of the winter blues and give ourselves a fresh start to get ready for the summer. A survey conducted in March shows that around three-quarters (77%) of Americans said that they planned to do some spring cleaning this year, while 6% had already done their spring cleaning before March. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks that will make your spring cleaning process more efficient.

Plan Your Summer Cleaning

First and foremost, it’s important to make a plan consisting of what you want to cover in your spring cleaning and in what order. The plan should cover the areas that need more attention. A good way to do so is to create cleaning checklists for each room and cover them one by one. A common mistake people make is to start cleaning their home without making a plan first. They might start by vacuuming the floor and then clean the ceiling and fans, which ends up making the floor dirty again with dust and debris falling from above. Thus, having a proper plan will help you organize your cleaning schedule and make it easier. Additionally, make sure you get all your cleaning supplies beforehand so you don’t have to stop in the middle and go to the grocery store. Pro tip: use wet wipes to clean stains from your furniture quickly instead of cloth and water. Papilion® antibacterial wipes are a great choice for protection against germs.

Organize Your Things

Studies prove that a cluttered home is a major source of stress for Americans. Thus, it’s important to assign some time of your spring cleaning for organizing and decluttering your home. Organize your closets, sift through your stuff and clean the drawers. Get rid of stuff you don’t need and you will experience the bliss of a stress-free, tidy home.

Pay Attention to Your Bathrooms & Kitchen

It is easy to forget about your bathrooms and kitchen during the cleaning process. Clean your bathroom cabinets, faucets, shower curtain and fan. When it comes to the kitchen, you must pay special attention to cleaning as this is where the food gets cooked. Clean the sink, cabinets, microwave, cutting boards, oven, utensils and appliances in your kitchen. Moreover, make sure that you organize and clean your pantry and refrigerator. Wipe down the shelves, and throw away items that are past their expiration dates. For cleaning the surfaces such as mirrors and tabletops in your kitchen and bathroom, use a high quality cleaner such as the Papilion® Glass & Window Cleaner for a seamless cleaning experience.

Shake it Up

Making small changes to your living space can make it light and set a new tone for spring. Bring home a new artwork for your living room or get some peppy coasters and cushions to breathe a new air in your home. Additionally, establish new cleaning habits so your spring cleaning becomes easier next year. For instance, set an hour every weekend to clean an additional area of your home such as the garage. This will ensure that your home stays in its best condition all throughout the year.

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