Water Wet Wipes For Babies

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When an individual or a couple is having a baby, it’s a special time of their lives. They spend a lot of time reading about everything related to taking care of babies. Even the small aspects of toddler-care become important as babies need the best of care in their initial years. One of these aspects is skin care, and almost every parent knows the importance of water wet wipes for babies. Parents raising a newborn know how useful water wet wipes can be, especially when they’re outside of home with their babies. Whether your toddler drools, throws up or just covers its face in food, wet wipes can save you from incessant trips to the washroom. A pack of water wet wipes for your baby can be highly useful in many unforeseen situations as well. Thus, one should always carry a pack of this magical cloth when they’re going out with an infant.

The skin of babies is much thinner than the skin of adults. Thus, it is recommended that one should use cotton wool and water or high-quality water wet wipes for babies. As cotton wool and water is not very accessible and easy to use, water wet wipes are the preferred choice of parents around the world. The specialty of water wet wipes is that they’re made from purified water, which is the ideal solution for baby skin.

When you’re shopping for products for your infant’s skin, it is advisable that you go for pH neutral products that don’t contain any harsh ingredients. The ideal products for baby skin should only contain mild preservatives that are free of alcohol, parabens, soap, fragrance and any other solution or chemical. The common allergens that are generally found in personal care products are fragrances and preservatives. Thus, you should always check the list of ingredients of every product before buying it for your little one.

Papillon Baby Wet Wipes are made with Tencel, which is a strong, ultra-soft, plant-based fiber that gives them an extremely soft texture and the strength to easily wipe anything off your baby’s skin. They're hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested & pH-balanced to help maintain healthy skin of your toddlers. These wet wipes are made with 100% purified water and contain natural ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E to moisturize and protect your baby or toddler's skin. 

Our industry-leading wet wipes are designed and produced using a unique technology in a highly controlled cleanroom environment, making them the perfect companion for your baby’s cleaning needs. Moreover, you can use out water wet wipes for a number of other purposes including:

  • Cleaning your own hands after cleaning up your baby’s mess.
  • Cleaning your baby’s pacifiers.
  • Washing your dog’s paws (because dogs are your second babies)
  • Cleaning the furniture at home and at public places.
  • Removing syrup or food crumbs out of your baby’s hair.
  • Cleaning up small cuts and scratches on your baby’s bodies.
  • Cleaning the dashboard of your car
  • Shining your leather shoes
  • Pro tip : Add a tinch of a soothing oil to a wet wipe and hang it on an air vent in your car for an easy aromatherapy session.

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