Why Bath and Shower Gels Have a Renewed Attraction

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What’s better than a relaxing bath or a hot shower after a long day at work? While a simple shower or bath is enough to unwind, there are a host of products available that are made to pamper your senses in the bathroom. These include bubble bath, bath bombs, body scrubs, effervescent salts, cleansing and moisturizing oils and countless varieties of bath and shower gels in many exquisite scents. It is a huge market in the US and it’s growing at a fast pace. Amongst these, shower products contribute the largest share to the overall bath and shower products market.

As doctors and hygiene proponents have preached the importance of personal hygiene products for decades now, there is a renewed interest in these products in the current times. Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the use of personal care items such as hand wash, bath and shower gel. The virus has brought wellness and hygiene at the forefront of consumers’ attention, driving the increased demand for soap, bath and shower products. These products are expected to witness a sustained growth and innovation as they have become hygiene essentials. Moreover, an increased focus on self-care will fuel this rally, as more and more people turn to use showering and bathing rituals as a way to manage their mental wellbeing.

Moreover, the pandemic is also changing the way we’re buying beauty and personal care products. As brick-and-mortar sales have dipped due to social distancing concerns, online sales are seeing unprecedented growth levels. A study by McKinsey on the effects of Covid-19 on the beauty industry shows that several brands and retailers are scaling up operations as they report their e-commerce sales to be twice as high as their pre COVID-19 levels. Online sales of Sephora in the US have reportedly grown 30 percent versus 2019. 

In the current scenario, people also want better quality products, products that are capable of providing a high level of cleansing and getting rid of all germs including bacteria and viruses. Other major factors of choosing a shower gel is the way it feels on your body and the way it smells. Cheap shower gels that smell strongly of Lavender are not desired by people who want the best for their bodies. Fortunately, there is a plethora of products on the market that come in various exotic fragrances. For example, the Papilion® Ocean Breeze Shower Gel not only exudes a refreshing, long-lasting scent of Ocean Breeze, it uses a unique technology to transform the gel into a silky soft cleansing foam. It also has a Moisture Balance Technology, which leaves your skin feeling, soft, hydrated, healthy and fresh. For those who like a rather rich shower gel, consider the Papilion® Hydrating Foaming Shower gel - Ultra Moisture Almond 'N Vanilla Body Wash. It has a sumptuous feel and you can use it to have a wholesome bathing experience. These products are also available online so you don’t have to come in unnecessary social contact. To explore and purchase this innovative range of bath and body items, click here.

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