Why Is Personal Or Everyday Hygiene Important?

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The importance of good hygiene practices can’t be emphasized enough. Every teacher, parent and internet article will tell you how and why you should maintain proper personal hygiene. A lot of people, however, ignore personal hygiene due to carelessness and indolence. The fact of the matter is that lack of hygiene can lead to a number of unwanted, and even severe, repercussions. So, it’s important to know the price one might have to pay as a result of ignoring personal hygiene. As the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world how personal hygiene is necessary to keep one safe, it’s a good time to learn good hygiene. In this article, we will understand the importance of everyday hygiene.


The number one and fundamental reason behind following proper everyday hygiene practices is that it keeps a number of diseases, infections and allergies at bay. Since we are susceptible to billions of microorganisms swarming around us, we need some sort of a defense against them. One of the easiest ways to protect ourselves is to keep our bodies clean.

The first place to start thinking about hygiene is your hands. According to the CDC, washing hands with soap can decrease diarrheal disease-associated deaths by up to 50%. Moreover, researchers in London estimate that if everyone were to wash hands regularly, a million deaths could be prevented in a year. Since we touch a lot of different surfaces and people with our hands, they’re the biggest carriers of germs. By not washing your hands, germs can be transferred to your eyes, nose and mouth. This can result in various issues including pink eye, flu, gastroenteritis and stomach viruses. Thus, it is necessary to wash your hands regularly with water and soap such as Papilion Liquid Hand Wash, which cleans your hands without leaving them dry.

Social Reasons

When you’re a functional citizen of the society, you meet and interact with a number of people on a daily basis. While doing that, you don’t want to displease people by way of bad odour or poor hygiene. Besides, keeping your body and clothes well presented and clean ensures that you’re projecting a positive body image that’s characteristic of a good personality. Thus, good hygiene improves your social standing. Needless to say, meeting someone with tidy clothes and clean fingernails is far more pleasant than meeting someone with grubby hands and clothes. Another benefit of good hygiene is that it makes you more attractive.

Additionally, it’s imperative to pass on the right hygiene practices to the next generation. If you follow them yourself, you become a great model for the children and save them from illnesses.

Personal Reasons

Effective hygiene practices will give you confidence and a good body image for yourself, which in turn boosts your self-esteem. You can meet new people, get into meetings and do anything you like with complete confidence. For instance, just the simple act of cleaning your hands with these Papilion hand-sanitizing wet wipes while traveling will keep you feeling fresh and clean.

Thus, personal and everyday hygiene is important for a number of reasons. To shop for essential personal hygiene items, check out our range of products here.

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