Our Story

A Research and Development Driven Company

We are the manufacturer of hygienic and cosmetics products with over quarter-century of experience in FMCG sector. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the company established in 1994 and its product portfolio includes wet wipes, personal and professional paper products, liquid cosmetics and cleaning detergents.

Under Papilion® brand name, the company offers its hygiene products worldwide over 5 continents and 74 countries. Our vision is "to produce and innovate products that enhance everyone's quality of life."

The company aspire to grow and expand its product offerings regarding the changing standards and needs of personal and professional hygiene industry.

Our Belief

Safety and Good Health Comes first; we know that everything that touches your body matters. A lot. That’s why Papilion has created standards of safety and transparency. We develop all our formulas right in our in-house lab. Learn more about what goes into our products here.

Why Papilion?

Our mission is to grow our business by establishing a trusting relationship with our customers to achieve a high customer satisfaction level within a successful long-term journey together. We aim to consistently meet customers' needs and actively pursue-improving quality through manufacturing processes and innovation to ensure our customer's and employees' expectations. Below are some of our awards and certificates that we received.

Papilion Standards

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